We are now accepting orders for Paska, (Easter Bread)
​Perogies and Cabbage Rolls for Easter

Please pre-order early to avoid dissapointment.

Pre-Orders can be made in person at any of our Deli locations

Hand rolled bites of deliciousness! We have something for everyone, Beef, Pork, Glute free, Began and Vegeratian. The best is homemade of course, but ours come pretty darn close.

No text needed! Eating healthy is what we like to promote. Freshly made Ukrainian Borscht- made with our local farm fresh veggies and meats. 

Always Handmade

Enjoy our local, handmade delicious perogies any day of the week. Now introducing Sour Cherry and Blueberry perogies.

Practicing what we preach...

Always Fresh

Port Moody: 604 492 0878


Burnaby: 604 336 0887